Is there any Use in Banning Homework?

The issue of whether to be or not to be on the issue of homework has been with us for a long time and will continue to be a topic for discussion between those that are in favor of it and the vast majority that belief we should get rid of homework outright.

We shall make an attempt to balance the reasoning from the point of view of both sides of the argument. Should homework be sustained in schools? Can we go on to abolish it outright? We shall be flexible in our approach by taking a look at what the yes and nay are saying about the role homework has to play in education of the child.

The pros and cons

Taking a look at the arguments on both sides; it is seen to be clearly obvious. It serves as a means of boosting the confidence of the people in establishing what they have previously learned in the class. Independent learning research skills can be developed here. Some of the skills that are useful in later life can be developed through homework.

Taking a look at the other side of the coin, many parents express the fear that the amount of homework given in different subjects combined can be a source of burden to the student. It puts the kids under a lot of pressure. When they come to school the following day; the hangover of the pressure makes them useless in the class.

Some of the teachers are not in support of homework. However; their reasons for opposing homework is based on selfishness. They belief homework is an extra burden to their workload.

Outright ban by a UK secondary school

When Philip Morant School and College in Colchester, England decided to ban homework, it became a national topic for discussion. The Principal argued that the decision was taken to enable the teaching staff the time to fully concentrate on preparing lessons. Many parents were in support of this. However, when the negative publicity that it generated is weighed; it is far more than the support it received.

How do we make homework effective?

The problem with homework lies majorly with the approach of the teachers. Homework should not be generalized because the students have different academic capabilities. It should be directed at the child. The focus should be to help the individual student overcome deficiencies. Homework should be seen to promote independent learning. However, homework shouldn’t be overwhelming for the students. This is why a scholarship essay writing service can be of great help.

Final thoughts

The tasks should encourage students to think creatively. It should encourage individual research among the kids. When teachers design classroom activities to stretch and challenge the students; same should be applicable to homework. Is there any need for banning homework? We totally agree with your answer.